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I was born in 1981 in Lisbon.

In 2004 I finish the degree in architecture and, at the same time, I find my personal artistic language that appears as the world of imagination and dream.

In 2006, the work as an architect makes me move to Lagos city, in the south of Portugal, which gave me the time and space necessary for a deep introspection, finding out in the painting my essence as my personal expression.

In 2010, with a consolidated series of paintings, I decide to create the first solo exhibition “The Dream”. Others came after, in 2012 with a complete new series of works called “Awakening” and in 2014 Flow.

Currently i´m dedicated exclusively to work as an artist and illustrator of children’s tales.

I propose myself constant challenges, always wanting to improve myself as a person and, being the art a reflection of my inner expression, this follows the same destiny!

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