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Art Circle

Creativity | Freedom | Inner Expression Through Art

Drawing is a way of expression and interior release that calls for creativity, for our senses and also for the dreams that live inside us.
As a way of discovering your inner expression and open your heart, I propose you join a group where through the art we release ourselves more and more, opening a way for clear expression of our true essence, without fears, judgments, letting flow the best of us.

As we open our heart to this way of expression, that is common to all of us but most of times is forgotten and devalued, we learn to win trust, opening doors that we didn’t know existed and learn to express ourselves with more clarity, transposing that to our lives.
The art circle happens:

– In Alma Sana, Portimão:

  • Children class (from 4 to 12) at Saturday between 10h-12h, every two weeks
  • More that 12 at Saturday between 15h-18h, every two weeks

– In private classes with Sara!

More informations through my contact: 968 824 282

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